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Blizzard Will Reveal Its Warcraft Mobile Title On May 3rd

Starting at 10am PT

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Blizzard has teased it's planning to reveal its upcoming mobile title set in the Warcraft universe, and now we know when. Today, the company announced that we would finally see the curtain pulled back on May 3rd at 10 am PDT/1 pm EDT.

We've known Blizzard has been making mobile games of its popular IP for a while now. From Diablo Immortal's reveal to the news last year that the company had "multiple free-to-play" games in the works, the Warcraft-flavored one is no surprise. Earlier this year, the company's Q4 2021 financial results told players that we should see the Warcraft mobile title release sometime in 2022.

What exactly this game will be is currently unknown. Will it be a mobile return to the RTS roots of Warcraft, an auto-battler, or something else? Are we going to see something akin to an open-world RPG like Genshin Impact? Given that Diablo Immortal is pretty close to the ARPG roots the series defined, it's not outlandish to think Blizzard's Warcraft phone game could follow suit and stay close to its roots. 

We'll have to wait until May 3rd at 10 am PDT, 1 pm EDT to learn more. You can catch the reveal on a special Blizzard reveal website next week when it's live. In other Activision Blizzard news, shareholders have agreed in an almost unanimous fashion to sell the company to Microsoft amid Blizzard losing even more users quarter over quarter.


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