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Blizzard Warns Players About Changes To Shadowlands Dungeons From Beta To Live Version

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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World of Warcraft's Shadowlands expansion went live yesterday as the MMORPG turned 16 years old, and Blizzard was quick to let players know about some pretty substantial changes from the beta to the live version. Namely, dungeons won't unlock until you reach the zone they dungeon is in.

In a post on the Blizzard forums, Kaivax let players know about the change, stating that in order to queue for a dungeon in Shadowlands, you'll first need to progress far enough in the story to reach that dungeon.

We’d like to note a difference between the Shadowlands Beta and the live game that you’re going to experience later today.

On your first character to explore the Shadowlands, you will not be able to queue for a Shadowlands dungeon if you haven’t yet restored access to that dungeon’s zone via the main quest campaign for that zone.

This only applies to your first character, so if you're running alts you'll be able to queue immediately using the Threads of Fate system according to Kaivax.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands went live yesterday, and while many players who were already in game were able to log in, usual MMO launch issues plagued some players eager to get into the game. It's unfortunate, but largely unavoidable now with major online game launches, especially in 2020 where many employees launched this expansion from home. 


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