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Blizzard Updates on Dragonflight Issues and Ongoing Work to Fix Them

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Blizzard has once again addressed Dragonflight launch issues. The team notes, in an announcement shared by community manager Kaivax that while the team has fixed some of the major standout issues, they're still working to resolve some of the others.

“Since the launch of Dragon Isles content, our live operations and server engineering teams have been working non-stop to address several unexpected performance issues. Some of these were fixed with realm restarts that took place earlier today in all regions, and other performance issues are still being worked on.”

There is an ongoing list of the known issues that the team will continue updating. Right now, there are no listed character issues, but there are some in-game quests that aren’t currently able to be completed due to a missing reagent. While some of these quests might work after being abandoned and then attempted again, for some, this workaround may not help. 

Other issues reported by the community include custom saved UI layouts being lost. Earlier comments from the team indicated that at least some of these were related to server crashes that were initially present when the expansion was first unlocked. While Blizzard has fixed the bug that caused this issue, you’ll still have to recreate your custom UI since there’s no retroactive fix. 

With launches, there’s a certain level of instability that most of us will expect, and the World of Warcraft community responded to the amusing glitches that were booting people when they finally boarded the boat or the zeppelin that was set to take them to the Dragon Isles. Naturally, there were memes, and Blizzard did work to get things up and running as soon as possible.

Things have been mostly stable today, though there are lingering issues, and the team promises to release more fixes over the next day.


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