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Blizzard, the WoW Community & MSi Team Up to Surprise Struggling Deadly Boss Mods Creator

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A week or so ago, Adam, the creator of Deadly Boss Mods, one of the most widely-used mods in World of Warcraft, wrote that he was discontinuing support and development of DBM due to his own failing health and that of his mother. Since that time, the WoW community has come to his aid by bolstering his monthly Patreon supporters from about 500 before his post to nearly 3,000 as of today. Not only will this allow him to continue supporting DBM, but the amount will allow him to address his medical issues.

Then Blizzard showed Adam their appreciation along with MSi Computers. Earlier today, Adam posted to the WoW Reddit that he had just received an awesome and unexpected surprise from Blizzard's WoW development team and MSi by way of thanks for all that he has done for the WoW community.

The support of community has been overwhelming. I honestly expected support to go down after my status post, not up. I had even put some apps/feelers out, just in case (despite my fear of working away from home)

However, with the massive support of community, DBM finally has the support for me to finally get additional help and resources to finally beat the logistics boss. As well as ability for myself and mother to finally be worry free about the burdens and strains we've been under for a while now and without me needing to risk leaving her unattended hours a day to do other work.

You can still help support Adam and his work on Deadly Boss Mods by visiting his Patreon page.

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