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Blizzard Tempts Inactive Players Back to World of Warcraft With a Free Weekend

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Dragonflight will be out in just 11 days, and Blizzard is working to tempt people back. Starting today, and running through the weekend, all inactive accounts will be able to play through the full game, including all released expansions, for free. 

The welcome back weekend is designed explicitly to lure those who might have decided to leave, or at least, let their subscription lapse, back into World of Warcraft. If that’s you, you can log back in as of today, and play through Sunday. The cycle of quitting and coming back, especially in time for a major expansion (especially one with the series of major changes that Dragonflight brings) is nothing new. 

Those on the fence can log in and even choose to play through the new starting experience from level 1 to give Exile’s Reach a try. If you hit level 10 with an Allied character, you can continue into Battle for Azeroth or you can choose a Timewalking campaign of your choice. If you created a Death Knight or Demon Hunter, you’ll get a slightly different experience. 

Timewalking campaigns do scale to level 60, so if you’re returning and want to bring a character up, from even the starting experience forward, you’ll be able to during the weekend event. Blizzard is also offering discounts on services like character transfers and faction changes.

There are some restrictions on the weekend, however. One, it doesn’t apply to Classic. The other is that, although the full game up through the Dragonflight pre-patch changes (like the new talent trees, UI, and more) are included with your access, you’ll only be able to make a Dracthyr Evoker if you’ve bought Dragonflight.

Blizzard is also marking  the 18th anniversary of World of Warcraft with a special bundle including mounts and pets from throughout Azeroth history. There are six mounts in the bundle, including the  Illidari Felstalker, Dread Raven, Alabaster Stormtalon for Alliance characters, and Viridian Phase-Hunter. There are also  four pets - Lucky Quilen Cub, Tottle, Dread Hatchling, and Nibbles. If you own any of these, the price of the bundle will adjust 


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