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Blizzard Shares Into the Shadowlands, a Guide for New or Returning World of Warcraft Players

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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This week marked the release of the 9.1.5 update for World of Warcraft. With the update, featuring new content, a continuation of story, and features designed to help new or returning players, there's now a new "guide to 60" for exactly those players now available.

So what can you expect from this guide? Those players who have some experience with World of Warcraft but might not have gotten all the way to 60 will be able to launch into Shadowlands once they reach level 48. The guide covers joining a Covenant, turning in your quests, enemies and having fun with dungeons and Battlegrounds so you can get all the way to 60. Once you do the intro section to the Maw,  any future characters on your account can skip it and get right into the meat of the expansion.

The guide also runs through the differences between the four covenants in Shadowlands, going through what you need to know about the differences in their abilities that they offer you and what they stand for. The new update also lets you switch Covenants if you want to just by reaching max Renown with a character. You will keep all items you earned from your previous Covenant and if you join them again in the future, all your progress in Renown will be the same. These quality-of-life updates, like skipping the mall intro and being able to switch covenants when you want to, are part of the package of changes in this update intended to make life a little easier for players.

Overall, if it's been a while since you spent some time with World of Warcraft or you're looking to experience some of the new changes added with the recent update, now just might be the time. Check out the new guide here on the World of Warcraft site.


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