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Blizzard Shares Dragonflight Global Unlock Times and Prepares for the Next Chapter

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Dragonflight is on its way, and the countdown takes its next step, with the announcement of global unlock times for the next World of Warcraft expansion. 

While Blizzard announced November 28th as launch day, the content unlocks on the 29th in much of the world. Dragonflight will unlock on November 28th in the Americas at 3PM PST / 6 PM EST, and it will unlock in UTC at 11 PM on that day. Those playing in Europe on CET will get it at midnight on the 29th, while Taiwan, Korea, and Australia/New Zealand will see the expansion unlock in those zones later in the morning.

Blizzard is, of course, no stranger to global launches, but having the unlock times, as well as the full pre-patch currently live make things begin to feel a bit more real. This is also helped by the hub that they’re released, which is home to a map of the global unlock times, which include additional regions and cities for comparison, as well as a full rundown of the features, major changes, and zone previews already released.

The launch cinematic, “Take to the Skies”, is also prominently featured on top of the hub page, along with a link to a version of the cinematic with audio descriptions, an accessibility feature. 

Aside from zone previews and things like the raid schedule and details on the loot changes coming with raids this season, the Dragonflight: Legacies animated shorts series is also featured, giving a window into some of the lore that sets up the story to come when those launch day unlock times arrive. 

There’s a welcome back weekend going on through Sunday, where you can log into inactive accounts and play through the full game and all released expansions. 

For more on the unlock times, including the global map, and everything else you’ll need to prepare for Dragonflight, head to World of Warcraft.


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