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Blizzard Reveals Warcraft: Arclight Rumble, the Strategic First-Ever Warcraft Mobile Title

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Warcraft: Arclight Rumble was announced by Blizzard today in a special stream showing off this, the first ever Warcraft mobile title. Closed beta will be coming soon, and there are a whole list of features that should appeal to both Warcraft fans and strategy game fans as well as those curious about entering the world of Azeroth.

In the announcement to categorize it as a “mobile strategy hero and villain collector”. The team drew inspiration from tower defense games but also like to call it tower offense. And there are over 60 minis that you can play. The game has over 70 missions available, each with its own multi-lane map, features, and potential strategies. One might have cannons firing that you have to make it around. Another might have high ground that you have to get to and use in order to win. Blizzard also promises that there will be consistent updates with new dungeons, weekly and monthly challenges, maps and raids. More details on dungeons and raids are still to come.

Going back to those 60 collectible heroes, villains, and monsters, there are five families in this game,: Alliance, Undead, Horde, Blackrock, and Beasts. In multi-lane maps you'll be able to choose leaders, including favorites like Jaina Proudmoore or as featured in the stream, Rend.  Leaders will have a trait that will impact your forces and direct some of your strategic options. Rend, for instance, features Blacken the Sky, which makes your sky units 1 gold cheaper. So pick your units and Leader carefully for each of the battleground maps.

The game is designed to have something for almost all kinds of players, with an extensive PVE campaign, the ability to play  cooperatively or competitively, and the ability to join guilds. so this experience can be as portable as you like, played on the goal, solo, competitively, or while you unwind with teamwork.

They promised dungeons, raids, and more, so there's lots to look forward to here. From the units to the humor, Blizzard promises this will feel like Warcraft, but with a new spin for both longtime franchise fans and even new players.

For more, see the Warcraft Arclight Rumble site.


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