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Blizzard Responds to Druid Class Changes in World of Warcraft

Tons of community feedback

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Blizzard has responded over feedback to Druid class changes in World of Warcraft.

The initial feedback cited several concerns regarding Astral Power generation and more. This led to several more comments providing additional feedback like,

As others have said, Bloodtalons in its current Shadowlands iteration is far too clunky:

You are forced to use a 1-4 CP FeroBite to activate it, which is just goofy - especially since gambling for a 20-80% chance at Predatory Swiftness really does nothing for altering the DPS rotation in any meaningful way (Pred-Swift doesn’t synergize with BT anymore).”

Blizzard then responded to the thread, noting Astral spells receiving double benefit in CA is actually intended behavior. They also noted that AP costs and generation have been slightly reduced overall, citing better pooling. Regarding Bloodtalons,

“The goals of Bloodtalons were 1) to keep the things we think people saw as cool about it (adding some planning to the rotation, snapshot bleeds are a good payoff for a bit of complexity) while getting rid of the weirdness of using Regrowth as a trigger. Many people dislike the latter, and frankly we think it’s pretty weird too. We don’t have an exact further revision to report yet, but the feedback is making me think it still needs to somehow buff spells other than Rip.–Stampeding Roar can still be used in Cat Form.”

They also touched on the “30 sec ICD” on individual Eclipses and Swiftmend. You can read their full response here.


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