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Blizzard Releases Latest Hotfix Notes for World of Warcraft

More Like Warm-Fixes, But Still Good

Steven Weber Posted:
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The hotfixes for World of Warcraft are meant to fix several issues for both the Battle for Azeroth and Classic versions of the game. Some fixes will take effect immediately with the patch, though Blizzard has said that some fixes will not go into effect until a scheduled realm restart completes.

The November 5th Hotfixes are short, but are the post outlines all of the hotfixes that have rolled out over the course of several weeks, dating back to October 14th. The November 5th hotfixes can be seen below:

November 5, 2020

Allied Races

  • Fixed an issue where Zandalari Death Knights could not select a zone upon arriving in Zandalar. Turns out having a friend on de other side can be nice.

Items and Rewards

  • Various legacy consumables including Swiftness Potion, Invisibility Potion, Free Action Potion, and Purification Potion have had their max usable level increased to 50.

Though, heftier hotfixes were released earlier this week, culminating in a host of fixes that are being increasingly pushed out as the Shadowlands expansion draws near. If you’ve been out of the loop, or haven’t gotten into World of Warcraft lately, check out Robin’s New Player Guide, to get you situated for the next release.


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