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Blizzard Randomly Polling Hearthstone Players About Rastakhan's Rumble & the Importance of Competitive Play

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A couple of threads have cropped up on the Hearthstone Reddit about a recent survey sent out to players. The questions cover a wide variety of topics regarding the game in general and the recently released Rastakhan's Rumble expansion in particular. A couple queries in particular piqued our interest: "How important are Blizzard sponsored Hearthstone tournaments to you?" and "If there were no Blizzard sponsored Hearthstone tournaments, how likely are you to play Hearthstone in the next 30 days?"

The timing of the lengthy survey, particularly with those questions attached to it, is worrisome to players after the recent gutting of the Blizzard-sponsored competitive portion of Heroes of the Storm. The abrupt cancellation of the HotS tournament league came after professional players were assured at BlizzCon 2018 that it would be continuing in 2019. As a result, the survey questions have led some Redditors to wonder if Hearthstone's competitive league is next.

This survey has led to YouTuber HeeIvsBabyface to create the following video: "BLIZZARD Target HEARTHSTONE as its NEXT VICTIM":

The Reddit threads and responses from the community are worth seeing, in particular this one since it contains links to images of the full survey questions.

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