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Blizzard Previews Wrath of the Lich King Classic Zones Dragonblight and Grizzly Hills

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With Wrath of the Lich King Classic coming next month, Blizzard is continuing to open the doors on various zones coming in Wrath Classic, for an introduction or a refresher. This time, it’s Dragonblight and Grizzly Hills.

The last preview took us through Borean Tundra and Howling Fjord, and once you finish those zones, you'll wind up on the path that will take you some time to reach the Lich King, so it's a good idea to prepare by learning more about Dragonblight, a level 71-74 area and Grizzly Hills, which comes next at 74 to 77.

Dragonblight is not only the largest zone in Northrend, it’s cold. Very cold. And filled with dragon bones, which you might have been able to guess from the name of the area. The whole area is distinct, and is “a vast arctic graveyard littered with the ice-encrusted bones of colossal dragons. In Dragonblight, the five great Dragon Aspects were given their charge to watch over Azeroth”.

Here you’ll find the five Dragonshrines in Wyrmrest Temple. The shrines–Obsidian, Emerald, Ruby, Bronze, and Azure–are notable, but so is the lore, as this is where the undead Scourge intends to raise undead dragons from the ice to recruit into the Lich King’s service. This is not a friendly place–in fact, it is marked by conflict–but its size and prominence also means you’ll encounter many others.

Grizzly Hills, on the other hand, is a large forest. The forest is also the site of a web of conflict. You’ll be able to meet all kinds of additional peoples, including the Furbolg, a people that has taken over the legendary World Tree, Vordrassil, after it fell, in addition to worgen, ice trolls, and more.

There will be various points of interest for you to check out, different hubs for both factions and a full set of supply vendors and trainers. Wrath of the Lich King Classic will get its pre-patch August 30th and launch on September 26th.

For more, see the preview at World of Warcraft. 


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