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Blizzard Previews WoW's Shadowlands Maldraxxus and the Necrolord Covenant

Necrolords, beasties, and more

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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In case you missed it, Blizzard shared a preview for Shadowlands’ Maldraxxus and the Necrolord Covenant, set to arrive when the expansion hits World of Warcraft later this year.

Maldraxxus is described as the “birthplace of necromantic magic,” and as such is a bit dangerous. You’re sent to the region to discover the origin of an attack on the kyrian. You soon discover that the Necrolords aren’t necessarily all ok. A leader is missing, while the other houses fight amongst themselves.

The post also shares some information on the denizens of Maldraxxus, such as the abominations, gladiators, liches, plague house remnant, soul-rotted flesh, and aranakk. For example, the gladiators are described as,

“The corpses of the slain are brought to the House of Constructs, where the finest pieces of flesh and bone are skillfully assembled into a new form. These reanimated monstrosities are given new purpose in a body that is greater than the sum of its once separate parts.”

The Necrolord Covenant is also touched on. Essentially, when you reach max level and you have explored the first four zones, you can pledge your loyalty to a covenant. Each of these covenants will offer you champion abilities in return. You’ll have access to a covenant campaign as well. This questline will be unique to each of these covenants. You’ll also have access to a sanctum unique to each covenant.

You can check out all the deliciously macabre details here.


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