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Blizzard Previews the Settings, Bosses, and Lore of All Eight Dragonflight Dungeons

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The road to Dragonflight continues, this time with a guide to all of the World of Warcraft expansion’s dungeons –four level-up dungeons and four max-level dungeons.

Blizzard has introduced the Dragonflight dungeons before, but this preview goes into some additional details on what you’ll face and just how difficult things might get. 

The four level-up dungeons are:

And the max-level dungeons:

  • Neltharus
  • The Azure Vault
  • Halls of Infusion
  • Algeth'ar Academy

The individual descriptions give some hint of the lore that will unroll once the full launch happens. Of Ruby Life Pools, “The Red Dragonflight, whose charge it is to nurture all life, protect these pools and the future of all dragonkind held within them”. Further, when you read the boss descriptions–if you don’t mind spoilers–then you also get some sense of what’s at stake. The bosses here will, “If left unchecked, they burn the Life Pools to the ground and blow the remaining ash away in a cleansing elemental storm”, so you'll probably want to stop them.

One of the max level dungeons, Algeth’ar Academy, was once the site of higher learning for all dragons. More recently, the academy reopened and began looking for a more diverse student body. The structure of this dungeon looks to have you face the…teachers? Acclaimed and skilled as they are, of course.

So if you’re looking to get an idea of just where your journey into the Dragon Isles at this time of change might bring you, these new dungeon previews and boss details will do that. 

If you’d rather go into the experience clean, there’s still an intro to each dungeon that won’t give much away, but still hints at the lore and the efforts of the WoW team to keep that sense of being grounded in a longer history.

Read the full preview over at World of Warcraft.


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