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Blizzard Outlines WoW Guild Management and Security

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Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Guilds in World of Warcraft have certainly changed and evolved over the course of the game’s history. To that end, Blizzard shared some additional updates on how to set up guild ranks, rank permission, guild bank, guild bank permissions, and more.

The steps provided by Blizzard are quite extensive and detailed. The reason why Blizzard is providing such thorough information in this regard apparently comes down to guild security,

“No matter the size of your guild, or how many bank tabs you may have purchased, it is important that you guard against those who may take advantage, intended or not, of the permissions given to them. Remember, the Guild Leader has sole control over maintaining the integrity of their guild and guild bank by limiting who is given access through guild permissions.”

There’s even an entire section on preventing guild bank theft. Again, the point of this is to prevent the loss of items which may have taken members of that guild a long time and some seriously hard work to obtain. However, as Blizzard notes, common sense must prevail,

“Above all, use common sense. The guild bank is the responsibility of the guild leader, our In-Game Support staff will be unable to to recover losses that occur from someone removing items that their current permissions allow them to take.”

You can check out the full post here.


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