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Blizzard Outlines Upcoming Content for WoW Classic, Grab Legendary Cloak in WoW

"Simple 15-step guide"

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Blizzard is planning on opening up the Arathi Basin on all realms next week for WoW Classic.

The forum post reveals Blizzard’s intent,

“With the WoW Classic PTR now open for business, we have a test environment where we can dig into some of the content that is coming soon to WoW Classic.

To be specific, our plan is to open Arathi Basin on all realms the week of March 10. At that time, we will also kick off the Battleground Holidays system.

We plan to open Zul’Gurub and release the fabled Dragons of Nightmare in April.

We’ll let you know as soon as we have an exact time that those content unlocks will occur.”

Additionally, you’ll be able to grab your Legendary Cloak in WoW. There’s a 15 step by step guide in which you should follow to obtain the cloak. In case you missed it, here it is,

  1. Accept the starting quest “Return of the Black Prince” (Horde) or “An Unwelcome Advisor” (Alliance). You should receive this quest automatically if you meet the criteria.*
  2. Meet with Magni in the Chamber of Heart to continue the introductory quest line.
  3. Go with Magni into the Halls of Origination in Uldum and complete the challenge that awaits.
  4. Meet with King Phaoris in Ramkahen and complete an Assault in Uldum.
  5. Meet with Magni Bronzebeard in the Chamber of Heart and then speak with Wrathion about your new corrupt item to as a part of the quest Curious Corruption.
  6. Speak with MOTHER about your corrupt item to unlock Titanic Purification. While this unlocks the ability to cleanse an item, don’t cleanse your item now.**
  7. Meet Magni outside Mogu’shan Vaults in Kun-Lai Summit.
  8. Journey to the Seat of Knowledge in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms to speak with Lorewalker Cho.
  9. Go to Mistfall Village to meet with the Rajani and complete the Assault on the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.
  10. Go with Magni into the Engine of Nalak’sha in Vale of Eternal Blossoms, and face the challenge that awaits. (if you’ve completed this step on another character you can skip the Engine of Nalak’sha scenario by speaking to Ra-den.)
  11. Return to the Chamber of Heart with Ra-den. (He can take you directly there if you speak to him again.)
  12. Speak with Magni to complete the next series of quests in the Chamber of Heart then join him again in the Halls of Origination in Uldum to face a vision of what’s to come...
  13. Talk with Wrathion in the Chamber of Heart to undertake the quest “Beginning the Descent.”
  14. Enter Blackwing Descent at the top of Blackwing Mountain in the Burning Steppes and face the challenges that await to claim a corrupted prize.
  15. Return to the Chamber of Heart and speak with Wrathion to complete the quest and receive your new legendary cloak—Ashjra’kamas, Shroud of Resolve.


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