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Blizzard Opens Even More WoW: Classic Servers After Warning Of Overcrowding

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Earlier MMORPG reported that Blizzard opened a new server to combat overcrowding on the Herod server in World of Warcraft: Classic. Blizzard has since opened even more servers in anticipation of its launch.

Thanks to a post on the forums, Blizzard announced the opening of two more PVP servers: Blaumeux and Skeram. 

The existing PvP realms all now have either a Full or High population tag. With the potential for extended queues on the Full realms, and 10,000+ queues on Herod, we are opening two new PvP realms on Monday, August 19 at 6:00 p.m. PDT:
  • Blaumeux – PvP – Pacific Time Zone
  • Skeram – PvP – Eastern Time Zone


Originally Herod was going to potentially be plagued with 10K player queues and as such Blizzard opened Skalagg to help prevent this. It seems demand is furiously out pacing what Blizzard has initially thought and have opened up even more servers to help alleviate the issue. Currently Blizzard is urging players to jump ship and switch to one of the newly opened servers to help keep player log-in queues manageable when World of Warcraft: Classic launches later this month.


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