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Blizzard Opens Another Wrath of the Lich King Classic Fresh Start Server in North America and Europe

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World of Warcraft Classic is getting two additional Fresh Start servers for Wrath of the Lich King Classic after strong community demand in North America and Europe. Blizzard has opened one new server in each region, and made a change to make Battlegrounds easier to start.

Fresh Start servers are new for Wrath of the Lich King Classic, but offer a chance for those who want to begin on even ground to do so when the new expansion fully unlocks. Blizzard has committed to keeping an eye on demand and progression, since these servers have a set of special rules, including no boosting allowed, and no character transfers to these new servers for a minimum of 90 days. Since everyone starts with a clean slate on the servers, there won't be any Death Knights until players start reaching level 55.

North America gets a new Wrath Classic Fresh Start server called Angerforge as of today, and the EU region can choose to roll a character on Jin'do after maintenance is done tomorrow. 

Community Manager Kaivax had this message for both regions:

“Over the last few weeks, we’ve been highly focused on realm populations and making adjustments to promote the long-term success of all realms,” as part of their reasoning.

Blizzard has also made a change to Battlegrounds with today's patch. You'll be able to look in the Battlegrounds tab on the PvP menu and find the ability to queue for Battlegrounds from anywhere in the world. This will let players explore, which is especially helpful with a new expansion coming, and whenever decide to queue up for a Battleground from anywhere they get into the mood to do so. No Battlemaster required. Though, if you still want to find a Battlemaster and enter the queue from there, that option is still available.This option should help make things easier for many.

For more on this addition, head over to World of Warcraft.


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