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Blizzard Offers Nether-Gorged Greatwyrm Mount and Tabard of Burning Flame in Subscription Promo

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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With Dragonflight on the way, Blizzard is hoping to tempt you into extending, or starting, a longer-term World of Warcraft subscription. Anyone who buys or adds a six-month subscription will get their hands on the exclusive Nether-Gorged Greatwyrm mount, along with the Tabard of Flame for The Burning Crusade Classic.

Since it is July and Blizzard opened preorders for the expansion, saying that Dragonflight will be out this year, the six month subscription time should be just enough to bridge the gap and have a ton of new content to play through when time is due for a renewal. Plus, the Nether-Gorged Greatwyrm just looks cool, like a flying sea dragon, making it also a good bridge to the trip we’ll be taking to the Dragon Isles.

The Tabard of Flame will be usable if you’re a Burning Crusade Classic player, but all players on your account will have access to the quest to obtain it. Previously a TCG reward item, now it will be available for all characters active in BCC who need a little fiery boost to their looks. 

With both rewards usable in different ways and, of course, in different builds of the game, is one way to promote and reach those adventuring in both Classic and live. 

We’ll be seeing more of Dragonflight, as Blizzard keeps packing in the reveals, with everything from a look at the customization options you’ll have for the new Dracthyr race, and a revamp of talent trees and professions to emphasize player choices and give everyone more options and new ways to get things done.

If you’ve already in the middle of a recurring six-month subscription, you won’t miss out, as Blizzard will also add both of the rewards for those players by July 22nd.

You can read more details about the six-month promo over at World of Warcraft.


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