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Blizzard Offering Free Shadowlands Base Edition to WoW Players With Any Prior Expansions on Their Accounts

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Blizzard is trying to entice players back to World of Warcraft, or at least to Shadowlands before Dragonflight releases this year. The company is offering a free Base Edition copy of the Shadowlands expansion just in time for Season 4, which is currently running, along with a level 50 character boost.

The offer will be available to any player with a Battle.net account who has a copy of World of Warcraft and at least one previous expansion license on their account. If you meet these requirements, and you don't have Shadowlands on any of your accounts, you qualify for a free copy and the character boost. If you have World of Warcraft but you don't have any previous expansion licenses, you won't be able to get a free copy..

Might be a good way to get someone that left the game before Shadowlands back into the fold. Free content is free content, though of course if you’re going to play World of Warcraft, you’ll also have a subscription fee. Still, it’s a pretty good offer and will be available from now until September 5th. If you qualify, check the gift icon on Battle.net.

Shadowlands Season 4 is in full swing and the final, shorter and different season is set to come to an end before Dragonflight rolls out this year. Maybe this push, along with the level-50 character boost that comes with the expansion gift, and recently-offered XP bonuses ahead of Season 4 will help keep the population stable. These and other strategies could help shore things up to be ready to go by the time the Dragon Isles are ready.

For more on the Shadowlands offer, head to the announcement over at World of Warcraft. For more on Dragonflight, see our alpha impressions and what we hope to see.


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