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Blizzard Lets Us All Know What to Do Before It's Impossible After Dragonflight Launches

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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With Season 4 of Shadowlands going on now, Blizzard has released a new list of activities and rewards that will become difficult or even impossible to obtain once Dragonflight launches.

The list is conveniently separated into what is going away when the new  expansion launches, what is going away when the Dragonflight pre patch is out, and what things will just get harder to do once all of that starts rolling out.

Among the things disappearing when the expansion launches are the ability to get the Feat of Strength meta-achievement and the Veilstrider title. Also on the way out is The Fates of the Shadowlands Raids achievement and its rewards. Those rewards include the Jigglesworth Sr. mount and a title. Speaking of mounts, the Carcinized Zerethsteed mount quest item will be disappearing. If you want to take on the Jailer and have a shot at this crab, you’ll have to get into Sepulcher of the First Ones. 

Other stuff that is disappearing are the We Are All Made of Stars Heroic and Mythic achievements, and naturally, Season 4 PvP achievements and rewards.

The Dragonflight pre-patch will end your chances at getting the Restoration Deathwalker mount and closes off completion of the Mythic Keystone level 20+. Some things will just get harder. Sometimes you appreciate a good challenge, and other times, you might want to get in before the door closes. One mount that will be more difficult to get your hands on is the Fractal Cypher of the Zereth Overseer.

Overall, Blizzard is preparing to send off Shadowlands but putting out a list like this will at least give the chance to try to get some of the stuff you might have missed otherwise.

Dragonflight will be out this year, and there is currently no official date for either launch of the pre-patch, but time is clearly running out on some rewards.

See the full list over at World of Warcraft.


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