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Blizzard Is Working On "New Game Types" As They've Pretty Much Run "Out Of Things To Remaster"

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Blizzard has run out of things to remaster, and as such they are starting to look at some "new stuff," according to a new interview with CNET (via GamesRadar+).

On the heels of BlizzConline's official reveal of Diablo 2: Ressurrected and last year's frankly disastrous launch of Warcraft 3: Reforged, Blizzard is looking ahead to new games and game types, according to Blizzard's Senior Vice President Allen Adham. Adham told CNET that the company is "now pretty much out of things to remaster." 

"It's worth pointing out we're now pretty much out of things to remaster. So going forward, you can expect to see some new stuff," Adham told CNET in an interview during BlizzConline last month. He continued, talking about how the development cycles have changed thanks to the always online nature of many games in today's industry - including Blizzard's own.

"We used to release a game and maybe patch it once or twice, then we were on to the next game. Now we're in this new always-on live operating world ... So that means that dev cycles are longer, dev teams are larger and the demands of running our existing successful games are larger - it takes longer now to get the next new thing out."

Adham stressed that the company's upcoming game pipline is as "rich as it's ever been" and that Blizzard are always working on "new games" and "new game types."

When talking about what was next for Blizzard following BlizzConline, Adham joked that he was going to relax before getting back at it following the successful show. It seems that Adham is one of the 5 million players who has been sucked into Valheim as well, stating that he was going to "relax and play."

"There's this new game out called Valheim that I started playing last weekend. It's a lot of fun."

BlizzConline last month saw both the reveal of Diablo 2: Ressurrected and World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic, two different approaches to reimaging older titles in the Blizzard portfolio. We also saw incoming updates for Hearthstone, the Rogue class for Diablo IV as well as the next chapter in the Shadowlands story with Chains of Domination

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