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Blizzard Invites you to BlizzCon February 19th - 20th

Virtual Wonderment for Everyone This Year

Steven Weber Posted:
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Get ready for some virtual merriment as the free-to-watch ‘BlizzConline’ event is headed our way in just a few short weeks. The virtual convention will be available to all February 19th – 20th.

After canceling Blizzcon last year, BlizzConline is coming in a completely virtual form this year, and Blizzard wants you to be a part of it.

What can you expect this year? Well details are still rolling in, but here are some quick bullet points of contests and features related to the Community Showcase to get you started:

  • A Cosplay Exhibition
  • A Cosplay Contest
  • An Art Contest
  • A Digital Storytelling Contest
  • A Talent Spotlight
  • The March of the Murlocs

Rules to participate in the community showcase can be found on the official Blizzcon site. This is just the beginning of what will be available during BlizzConline this year. We look forward to seeing what else Blizzard has cooked up for this year’s virtual conference.


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