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Blizzard Hopes to Tame Overwatch Contenders Chat with Ties Between BattleNet & Twitch Accounts

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Blizzard will be rolling out a new program aimed at taming the sometimes wild chat that goes on during Overwatch League and Overwatch Contender matches. The company will be sending out a test balloon during the semi-professional Overwatch Contenders season. Those viewers who wish to participate in chat during matches will be required to tie their Twitch and BattleNet accounts together. According to Blizzard, doing so should yield "a more positive viewing experience".

According to the Overwatch Contenders site:

We’re always testing out new ways to improve the viewer experience for the Overwatch Path to Pro ecosystem. As part of this, Contenders is trialing a new chat moderation program that requires users who wish to participate in Twitch chat to link their Blizzard Battle.net and Twitch accounts.

The program will be trialed during 2018 Season 3 quarterfinals matches across all regions, from Dec. 28, 2018, through Jan. 12, 2019. The Path to Pro team then will evaluate the program’s overall effect on creating a more positive viewing experience.

Viewing the post, however, does not yield any information about what specific moderation rules viewers will be expected to follow, or what possible repercussions for what is deemed "inappropriate behavior" might be. It remains to be seen when, or if, Blizzard will iterate on what the chat rules and penalties will be.

Read the full post at the link above.

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