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Blizzard Dev Recounts Glitched Bear in World of Warcraft

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A Blizzard game designer lamented over bugs in World of Warcraft, recounting one particular glitched bear.

On Twitter, Game Designer Joe Magdalena discussed the bug which he called, “THE DEATH BEAR OF ARATHI HIGHLANDS.” It’s pretty fantastic:

He followed up in an email to Kotaku,

“We checked the combat log and saw hundreds of: ‘Brown Bear hits you for 1, Brown Bear hits you for 1, Brown Bear hits you for 1, Brown Bear hits you for 2, Brown Bear hits you for 1.’ It wasn’t doing huge damage, but it was instantly doing a small amount many many times,”

This led to the QA team to check the bear’s stats, with Magdalena concluding that the bear’s reign of terror was likely due to a typo mistake,

“A lot of development is done in spreadsheets and databases, likely this was simply a typo. A misplaced decimal creating an unspeakable terror!”


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