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Blizzard Details Looking For Group Feature Updates Ahead of Overlords Of Outland Pre-Patch Tomorrow

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Overlords of Outland's pre-patch is coming tomorrow and the developer behind the Burning Crusade Classic update to World of Warcraft Classic is detailing updates to its Looking for Group interface.

The feature is getting something of make-over when it hits Burning Crusade Classic, which Blizzard detailed in a new blog post ahead of tomorrow's pre-patch. The feature, which will be still be accessed the same way it was when Burning Crusade Classic first released earlier this summer, is now also accessible through a new icon on the action bar. The feature will then prompt players to decide whether they are looking to start a group or join one in progress. 

"Just like in the original release of The Burning Crusade, the Looking for Group interface (default hotkey: I) can be accessed through a new icon on your action bar, next to the Social button. This will open a window that prompts you to indicate whether you want to start a group or join one that's already in the process of being assembled. Depending on your selection, either the "Looking for Group" or the "Looking for More" interface appears next. Both interfaces have tabs at the bottom that let you easily switch between the two."

Blizzard goes on to state that the feature will now allow both solo players and parties themselves to join the queue, listing themselves looking for more players in dungeons, battlegrounds, raids and more.

The Looking for More tab, on the other hand, allows players and parties to effectively recruit players themselves who have listed for an activity. 

"The Looking for More tab allows a solo player or partial group to browse for additional members to complete a group. Select your desired activity from the drop-down menus (for example if you need a few more players to round out your Karazhan run, select “Raid” and then “Karazhan”) to see players who have listed themselves for that activity. Zone, level, and detailed party member information are included in there for you as well."

The changes detailed will be coming with Overlords of Outland, and marks one of the first major updates to World of Warcraft's content since the explosive allegations that Activision Blizzard fostered an environment that allowed sexual discrimination to flourish over the years. Since the allegations first came out at the end of July, several high profile employees of Blizzard Entertainment, including former president J. Allen Brack, as well as Diablo 4 director Luis Barriga, designer Jesse McCree and more, have all left the company. In addition to the initial allegations, the Department of Fair Employment and Housing have alleged that Activision Blizzard have been interfering with the California agency's investigation, stating that the company has been shredding documents pertinent to the investigation, a claim Activision Blizzard states is "not true."


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