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Blizzard Confirms Great Vault Is Indeed Bugged

It's not just you

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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If you’ve been thinking World of Warcraft’s Great Vault is bugged, well, you’re right. Blizzard has confirmed just as much.

Earlier, one poster commented on the forums that they rolled through four Mythics and timed the runs. Still, the Great Vault didn’t update. It turns out that, yes, this is indeed a bug as confirmed by Blizzard,

“There currently is a bug, yes. The mouseover tooltip that lists your top runs has been excluding runs that fail the timer. That is a display issue only. The rewards will be correct on Tuesday, and you do not need to beat the timer for your Mythic Keystone dungeon completions to count towards progress.”

The update issue, however, is separate. It looks like there’s actually a delay of a few minutes before the Great Vault UI actually updates. So you might have a wait until your completion is accurately reflected. Blizzard will take a look at it, while offering that logging out and logging back in will force an update.

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Poorna Shankar