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Blizzard Boss Shuts Down Diablo 4 On Xbox Game Pass: 'This Is Not Happening'

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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For those looking at the recent legal win for Microsoft in its Activision Blizzard acquisition and hoping it means we'll see Diablo 4 on Game Pass any time soon, Blizzard's President has shut that down full stop in a recent tweet.

In a now-deleted banner advertisement, Brazilian payment app PicPay advertised the ARPG on Microsoft's Game Pass subscription service, with the initial tweet claiming it was "available now" on the platform. Anyone who has Game Pass will know that it's, in fact, not "available now," but it led to speculation that Blizzard could be bringing Diablo 4 to the service.

However, Blizzard President Mike Ybarra shut those talks down in no uncertain terms, stating that Diablo 4 on Game Pass "is not happening."

However, it's important to note that while Ybarra is shutting down the rumors that Diablo 4 is currently coming to Game Pass, he acknowledges in a follow-up tweet to Streamer Gothalion that he "can't predict the future," leaving room for it to come down the road. However, he doubled down on the PicPay "leak" in the same Tweet, calling it "bogus."

The speculation here is ramped up thanks to the current acquisition by Microsoft of Activision Blizzard getting over a major hurdle in winning its court case against the Federal Trade Commission this week. If the tech giant does acquire ABK, the general sense is that we will see Activision Blizzard come to Xbox's Game Pass Subscription service, despite current Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick not being a fan of "multi-game subscription services."

So if you're holding out hope that Diablo 4 will come to Game Pass eventually, there isn't anything saying it'll never happen. However, it doesn't look like it's in the cards for Blizzard any time soon, if at all. For those still playing the ARPG, you do have Season 1 to look forward to, coming later this month.


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