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Blizzard Another $88.5 Million in the Green

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A California court has awarded Blizzard Entertainment a whopping $88.5 million in a decision handed down on August 10th. According to the lawsuit, Defendant Alyson Reeves/Scapegaming, a World of Warcraft private server must pay Blizzard's court fees, damages and proceeds from server transactions. The award recognizes Reeves' violation of Blizzard's EULA and the infringement of most WoW copyrights. Scapegaming earned money through the microtransaction sales of items to players on the server.

FINAL JUDGMENT by Judge Stephen V. Wilson,Pursuant to the Courts July 22, 2010 and August 10, 2010 Orders Granting Plaintiffs Motion for Default Judgment, it is hereby ORDERED, ADJUDGED, AND DECREED that Plaintiff Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. shall recover $88,594,539.00, and post-judgment interest thereon at the rate provided by law until paid in full, from Defendant Alyson Reeves, d/b/aScapegaming. 24 . ( MD JS-6. Case Terminated ) (pj) (Entered: 08/11/2010)

ORDER RE DAMAGES by Judge Stephen V. Wilson,Based on Plaintiffs evidentiary submissions, the Court concludes that Plaintiff is entitled to default judgment in the amount of $3,052,339 in disgorged profits, $85,478,600 in statutory damages, and $63,600 inattorneys fees. The Court will file a separate judgment accordingly. (pj) (Entered: 08/11/2010)

Whether or not Blizzard ever sees any of the money, its is a significant victory for the company which assertively protects its IPs and copyrights.

See the court summary here.


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