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Blizzard Announcing Diablo Immortal's Upcoming Plans 'In The Next Few Weeks'

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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If you've been curious about the future of Diablo Immortal beyond its first few weeks, you're not alone. However, Blizzard is stating that we'll be waiting a few weeks before they are ready to lift the veil on what comes next.

Diablo Immortal launched earlier this month on mobile and PC with some pretty aggressive microtransactions that have many players up in arms. However, that hasn't stopped some from enjoying the title and wondering what is coming down the road for the free-to-play ARPG. On the Diablo Immortal Reddit, one simply asked the question and got a response from the ARPG's community lead Adam Fletcher.

In a post that screams "Soon™," Fletcher notes that players can expect to see news as we get towards the end of the current battle pass running through Diablo Immortal. He also states that players can expect to see news on the battle pass, features and some fixes. However, he stops short of stating whether the content coming in the next few weeks will be anything story focused.

However, as is the case with Diablo Immortal, Fletcher does note that there will be "bigger gameplay content features" in the future and stresses that they will be "free for users," something that with Diablo's mobile title will likely become a refrain thanks to its predatory monetization.

Our reviewer enjoyed the traditional gameplay elements of Diablo Immortal that are present in the ARPG, however could not get past the aggressive monetization that seeps its way into every aspect of the gameplay, especially end game progression.

Diablo Immortal has made Blizzard quite a chunk of change despite the outcry against its microtransactions, raking in $24 million in its first week alone. The ARPG has seen millions of players download and check out the mobile incarnation of one of gaming's prestige franchises, sending it to the top of the iOS app store within 24 hours of launching. 

However, launch hasn't been without its issues, as Diablo Immortal is now delayed in China thanks to a reported post on Chinese social media site Weibo by the official account that were seen as critical of the government. NetEase has taken the official stance that further optimizations are needed as the news sent the stock down 10%. 


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