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Blizzard Announces that World of Warcraft's Dragonflight Expansion Launching November 28th

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After a number of zone previews and a number of deep dives into new features and systems, Blizzard has finally announced that Dragonflight, the next expansion for World of Warcraft, officially releases on November 28th.

There is also a new announcement trailer to accompany the release date, sweeping over the Dragon Isles and giving us even more of a peek at the terrain, the creatures, and the adventures coming. There’s a whole lot featured in the trailer, but it all moves us closer to the full expansion’s secrets to uncover.

There’s some more teases as to the lore on the way too.

“Events are unfolding that imperil us all,” black dragon Ebyssian narrates. “The threat is greater than you know, young ones,” he continues, advocating joining forces to take care of the threats. “All that matters is this moment,” he says as the trailer ends and the release date appears.

This will be the official start of the next expansion’s adventure, and with that, new seasons and new systems.

The Dragonflight beta is happening now for those who’ve opted into testing, with the first raid testing also starting. There’s still a number of weeks left before the release date for Blizzard to continue teasing the new zones, the new dracthyr (including the dracthyr Evoker race and class combination), the revamped, more flexible talent trees and professions systems, and, of course, dragonriding. 

The announcement today confirms recent rumors about the release date, and holds to Blizzard’s promise that the expansion would be out this year. Blizzard even brought on and then outright bought Proletariat, the development studio behind Spellbreak, to help them reach targets and continue with revamps and new systems to support Dragonflight’s release on time.

For more on the official launch date announcement, head over to World of Warcraft.


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