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Blizzard Announces Dragonflight Arena World Championship 2023 and Addresses Rated Solo Shuffle Queues

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Now that Dragonflight’s competitive season is ramping up, Blizzard has announced details on the 2023 Arena World Championship and Mythic Dungeon International. They’ve also announced work to improve queues in Rated Solo Shuffle.

In 2023, the Arena World Championship will have two full seasons of competition that will be tied to the end game seasons. Each of these two seasons will have a season grand final with a $300,000 prize pool. Dragonflights' first season has already begun, and beginning today European and North American teams can register to try and make the competition. If they get in they’ll have a chance at earning a Thundering Banner of the Aspects on their way to the potential championship.i

After all of the cups are played out in the AWC Gauntlet, there will be four teams left in each region and all of them will face off in the spring during the Season 1 Grand Final.

When it comes to competition, one of the newest ways to compete is Rated Solo Shuffle. This mode debuted in Dragonflight season 1 after a non-rated version came out last year , but the team is updating on a couple of points, one being the long queue times for DPS. We're all generally familiar that queue time for a DPS is going to be longer than for a healer. Yet, due to the structure of Solo Shuffle, this is particularly glaring. Each team consists of two damage dealers and a healer, and there’s a real shortage of healers.

"There are nearly 4 DPS for every healer during the most active queue times. We're actively discussing the best options to incentivize more healers to queue for Solo Shuffle and will share more about that as we develop new ways to address it," CM Kaivax shared in an update, under the “future improvements” section. 

To read the full esports update, head to World of Warcraft.


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