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Bless Updated with The Wise Ones' Mausoleum Elite Dungeon

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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Bless players looking for the ultimate challenge will want to check out the latest update to the game with the addition of The Wise Ones' Mausoleum Elite dungeon, Elite version. Designed for five players, it "offers some of the best possible gear in the game including a new legendary helmet". 

In addition, the Basel Gorge event will kick off today where players can earn Certificates of Valor simply for taking out enemies in the zone OR by completing Basel Gorge dailies. These can then be used to create Lucky Chests.

Lucky Chests may contain buff effect foods, weapon skins, temporary flying mounts, or various enhancement materials to make your gear even more powerful. These chests also can drop from the Basel Gorge monsters themselves, so get in there and get slaying!

Learn more on the Bless Steam page.


Suzie Ford

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