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Bless Unleashed's Spring Update Features Host of New Content

Plus fixes and balance changes

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Spring Update for Bless Unleashed is here and brings with it a new blessing, abyssal dungeon, and more.

The new blessing is called Blind Executioner, and completing this blessing will net you a 3% reduction in PvP damage. The blessing contains various skills. For example, Berserker includes Whirlwind, Leap Attack, Overpower, and Furious Earthbreaker. Mage, on the other hand, contains Firebomb, Arcane Flash, Arcane Blink, and Meteor.

A new abyssal dungeon called Dreamscale Ruins – Sundered Sanctuary has been added which is available for players once they reach level 36. Additionally, a new non-abyssal dungeon called Savantis Mausoleum – Lich’s Respite has been added for players once they reach level 35.

The Living Legend trial was added, in addition to a few tweaks such as the trial Arena Champion can only be obtained once. Class changes were also pushed out for Crusader, Mage, Priest, and Ranger. Several fixes are also part of the update, including:

  • Improved Successful Taming effect.
  • Mage Firebomb: Additional effect for Firebomb added.
  • Priest Enhanced Smiting First Skill FX added.
  • Added floor range FX for Healing Nova Skill.
  • Added motion FX for Telarion’s Eskaton.
  • Created “Ankle Chain” skill FX for regular NPCs.
  • Changed the water drop colors for Soul Pyre cooking FX.
  • Added disappearing effect for NPCs that are summoned by items.

You can read the full extensive notes here.


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