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Bless Unleashed's PC Beta Is Coming Next Week Bringing A Wealth Of Changes

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Bless Unleashed's upcoming beta on PC brings with it a wealth of new changes based on player feedback to make the MMO as tailor-made to the PC as possible. The changes include improved UI, combat control changes and more.

Ever since Bless Unleashed has been testing on PC ahead of its eventual full launch, the team has been hard at work incorporating player feedback every test. This upcoming beta is no different, with Neowiz and Round8 releasing a veritible laundry list of changes for the PC version from player feedback.

“We’ve been listening to every player’s feedback during the beta tests,” said Jason Park, Round 8 Studio’s head of development said via a press release. “Every little change has come out of feedback from our players and fans. We cannot wait to get this final test into their hands next week, and we hope you’ll all join in to see the fruits of our labor!”

The test, which is coming May 12th and running through the 1`6th will see an updated skill system, as the team is working on improving every class in the MMORPG. According to the Steam announcement,  the team is "working to provide a more unique and dynamic combat experience" for players, depending of course on their skills and blessings

Combat itself is also seeing an improvement, such improving combat combos by allowing a dodge to not break a combo phase. This means players will be able to continue a combo after getting out of the way instead if needing to compeltely start it over. Controls themselves are something that the team has been working on ever since the first test, and the team is still ensuring that the UI experience is as optimized for PC players as possible.

"Because Bless Unleashed PC was developed based on a console service, we felt a need to further improve the operational convenience to be better suited for PC users using the keyboard and mouse. For example, users previously had to use both the keyboard and mouse when navigating through the menu. Through this update, the menu has been improved so that the majority of operation can be done with just the mouse. We plan to further improve PC optimization by allowing more operations to be done with the use of the mouse."

You can read the full list of changes, include some changes to world bosses as well as see a few of the changes in action on the Steam posting


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