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Bless Unleashed's Next PC Closed Beta Starts January 14th

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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The next PC closed beta test for Bless Unleashed is coming next month, according to Neowiz and Round8 Studio. The CBT test for the MMORPG is coming to PC players on January 14th.

The team since the last test has been documenting some of the changes they are implementing based on player feedback, looking to improve the overall PC experience before it fully launches on the platform. Some of those improvements are changes to the UI to make it more streamlined for PC users, the change of certain skill inputs from holds to toggles and more.

Via a press release on the CBT date:

“We’ve been absolutely impressed by the passion of our PC players through the first CBT.” said Jason Park, Round 8 Studio’s head of development. “We’ve made a host of improvements to the game for this 2nd test, and we can’t wait to see what everyone thinks.”

You can sign up for the Beta test now through January 10th. The test will begin on the 14th and run for four days, giving out rewards as well for those who pre-register, including an exclusive title, mount and care package with currencies to use in-game.


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