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Bless Unleashed to Release Awakened Content Update October 14th

Steven Weber Posted:
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Now that Bless Unleashed has finally released on console and PC, the next big update that Round8 has in store finally has a release date, October 14th. The Awakened Content Update will feature some big changes to skills, following feedback from the community.

Bless Unleashed has had a decent following since its PC launch back in August. While the PC player base has settled some since its all time peak of nearly 77 thousand players at launch, the game is still showing a steady 18 thousand peak players daily on Steam. In a recent news article released on the official site, Bless Unleashed has finally provided a release date for their next update, which aims to end the relationship between Blessings and Skills, and will also allow players to obtain skills that they actually want to use and equip them. They can then cultivate those skills to make them stronger.

Blessings, which were previously responsible for skill growth, will no longer have a hand in skill combination and growth. Instead, Blessings will provide passive effects that will make skills stronger. Players will get to choose the Blessings that best fit their playstyle, and the developers are urging players to play around with the different combinations to find their sweet spot. Head on over to the official article to read more about all of the changes headed to the Berserker, Guardian, Mage, Priest and Ranger.

If you haven’t had the chance to dive into Bless Unleashed and are hesitant due to a bad experience you may have had with Bless Online, you can should read up about some of the differences between the two versions in our Bless Off article from last year. You can also check out our full review of the game when it launched on the PC in August.


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