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Bless Unleashed Releasing on PS4 on October 22

Unleashing the unleashed

Poorna Shankar Updated: Posted:
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Bless Unleashed finally has a launch date for PS4. You can look forward to playing it on your  on October 22 this year.

Bless Unleashed released earlier this year on Xbox One, and in fact, you can check out our review of the game here. Similar to the Xbox One version, the PS4 version will let you take on compelling dungeons and bosses, explore an open world, upgrade your Blessing Skills to customize your character, become lethal with combo based combat, and much more.

Additionally, the press release shares details various editions of the game for purchase. The Deluxe Founder’s Pack includes a 7-day Head Start, the “Pyreborn” title, the Ivory Unicorn mount, and 7-day Valor Perks.

The Exalted Founder’s Pack includes everything in the Deluxe Founder’s Pack plus a 10-day Head Start, the Ironclad Rhino Mount, the Gilded Enforcer Costume set, an additional character slot, 1,000 Lumena (virtual currency) and a 30 day Valor Perks.

Finally, the Ultimate Founder’s Pack includes everything in the Deluxe and Exalted Founder’s packs with the addition of a 14-day Head Start, the Inferno Stallion Mount, the Crimson Slayer Costume set, the Crimson Slayer Weapons skin set, two additional character slots, 2,000 Lumena, and 90 day Valor Perks.

You can find more information about these various editions here.


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