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Bless Unleashed Provides Spring Update Release Notes - Hits March 11th

Steven Weber Posted:
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On March 11th, Bless Unleashed fans will find a lot more to do as the Spring Update that Round 8 Studio has been chatting up for the past several weeks, will hit the live servers at 10AM PST.

The Spring Update for Bless Unleashed promises to be one that players won’t want to miss, as everything from quests and dungeons, to quality-of-life features and class skills have been updated. Most notably of the update are, two new dungeons, an ancient weapon system and a streamline of the combat by removing an additional button in the combo system.

A host of bug fixes were also added to the release notes, that will help players progress in areas where they may have had trouble before. The team has also toned done some of the areas where players could be attacked by other players, removing them as PK zones. The entire update is sure to include many welcome additions for Bless Unleashed players looking for a little more depth to the game.

The Spring Update is the first major update to Bless Unleashed in 2021. The game plans to launch on Steam sometime later this year. Hopefully PC players will be able to take to the game in ways that Bless Online never could.


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