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Bless Unleashed PC Is Coming August 6th

Demo running through June 22nd

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Bless Unleashed's PC version has a release date, with the upcoming MMORPG hitting PC on August 6th. 

NeoWiz and Round8 Studio are launching the PC version after multiple betas on August 6th, complete with all of the enhancements and improvements made to the MMO to fit more aptly on PC. Originally a console release on Xbox and then PlayStation, Bless Unleashed has undergone some changes to make it a bit easier to control and navigate using mouse and keyboard.

The team is also hosting a "demo" of Bless Unleashed, starting now through June 22nd on Steam as part of the company's Steam Next Fest. Players can download the demo and check out the tutorial and character creator before the MMO launches later this summer. It will also, according to to NeoWiz, decrease the download size (assuming you keep the demo installed) when the full MMO drops.

You can grab the demo and preregister for Bless on Steam or the official website. In case you wanted to know what we thought about the initial launch back on Xbox One, you can also check out our review.


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