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Bless Unleashed Outlines Combat Changes and New Dungeons Coming in the Spring Update

Steven Weber Posted:
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In the Spring Update of Bless Unleashed players will see a lot of welcome changes, and with the latest information added in the Spring Update announcement, combat improvements have been included in the list of alterations.

In previous updates to the announcement page, Bless Unleashed saw Ancient Weapons added to their growing list of updates. As Round 8 continues to flesh out the Spring Update list, we now see extensive additions, such as new dungeons, and gear and combat changes. The most recent change to combat will be the ability to dodge more often in combat, and a modifier that will increase attack speed!

"We're happy to say that players will soon be able to uncover weapons with attack speed modifiers on them, which should help to greatly boost your DPS! This new modifier will allow players to increase the speed that animations play, reduce the cooldown on skills, and allow for players to move through combos faster!"

-Bless Unleashed Development Team

The attack speed increase can be found on potions and weapons and it will speed up combat animations, and add a substantial DPS boost as it will also decrease the cooldown on skills. New Timed Dungeons and a new Abyssal Dungeon were also detailed in the announcement post, so if you are looking forward to the Spring Update, you’ll want to keep an eye on the changing announcement page as more information is added.


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