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Bless Unleashed Outlines Changes to Dungeons in Upcoming Secrets and Scions Update

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Bless Unleashed team has outlined some changes coming to dungeons in the upcoming Secrets and Scions update, including an apology of sorts…

The apology is in reference to a new dungeon which was supposed to release as part of the Secrets and Scions update. However, it’s been delayed and will now release in a future update. The date for this update weren’t directly announced.

Full time dungeon queues will begin with the Secrets and Scions update. This means that you’ll notice some dungeons removed from “Always On” as this transition begins. Instead, they’ll be moved to the new Timed Dungeon system.

As the team notes,

“The goal with this change will be to offer all players a set number of Dungeons to play each week, on a rotating schedule, and reduce the amount of time players are waiting in queues for the Dungeons they wish to play. Not all Dungeons will be moving to this format however, so fear not! We'll always have a selection of Dungeons available in the more traditional Dungeon queue, not only to provide players with more non-timed content to play, but also to ensure that newer players always have a selection of Dungeons and Arena Challenges available to them at all times.”

You can check out the full details here. Elsewhere, the PC beta for Bless Unleashed is set to arrive next week and is set to bring a host of changes once it drops. The team has been hard at work taking in player feedback and making sure that gets into the game.

The test is set to run from May 12 through May 16. Expect to see an updated skill system as well as an improvement in combat overall. This includes a dodge-to-not-break phase.


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