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Bless Unleashed Outlines Ancient Weapons Headed to the Game in the Spring Release

They're So Old, They're ANCIENT

Steven Weber Posted:
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In a recent post by the Bless Unleashed team, Ancient Weapons are headed to the game in the spring release, and they can’t wait for players to get out there and earn them.

According to Round 8 Studios, Ancient Weapons are S Class weapons that are headed to the game, and will require a ‘serious investment’ to earn them. In order to find them, players will have to find clues that will lead you to a Cursed Ancient Weapon, a guardian of the weapon, and someone who will eventually be able to help you lift the curse on that weapon.

The team wants players to understand that these weapons are very rare, and extremely powerful, and it could take months for a player can find and unlock the Ancient Weapon’s full potential. You can read more about it on the official release. Bless Unleashed will see its Spring Update hit later this year, and so far, they’ve stated that it will be quite a large one, with a lot of new features and updated systems.


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