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Bless Unleashed Open Beta Feedback Discusses Items, Upgrading, More

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Bless Unleashed has published some feedback from their open beta, specifically touching on crafting and upgrading.

To start, the team recognized that players provided feedback that crafting became less useful the further they progressed. The team responded by saying that you’ll be able to craft higher grade gear and weapons. They also touched on the Union system,

“There will be three different Unions, and one of these will be geared towards players who enjoy crafting and gathering. This Union will offer benefits to further increase and enhance your crafting experience. We’ll have more details about all of our Unions later on. Finally, players will be able to acquire additional support items which were not available in the open beta to help boost their abilities as crafters.”

The team then touched upon items and upgrading. Specifically, they cited player feedback that upgrading was too difficult. The team will be making several changes to address this to drastically increase the success rates for upgrading items.

They’re also lowering the requirements necessary for special abilities to be applied to gear,

“Players will notice more equipment with sought after modifications, like blessing modifiers, additional stamina, or skill effect increases in lower tiers (D-C) items now. We’ll also be introducing accessories like rings and necklaces earlier in the game as well.”

Check out the full post here.


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