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Bless Unleashed Harvest Season Event Starts NOW - It's Harvesting Time!

Maximum Harvest, Minimal Turkeys

Steven Weber Posted:
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Is it harvest time? Bless Unleashed seems to think so, and for the next week, the Harvest Season Event will be available, providing plenty of rewards for every day that you log in between now and December 8th.

The harvest rewards are a not-so-subtle nod to the Thanksgiving holiday last week, as the team themselves have posted a little thank you of their own to players that have supported them through their multi-platform launches.

Players that log in through the following week will obtain the following rewards:

  • 1x Healing Potion II
  • 1x Unbinding Scroll 
  • 1x Rune Scrying Scroll 
  • 1x Precise Repair Tools
  • 300 Artifact Cores
  • 1,000 Star Seed 
  • 2x Normal Chest Key

Bless Unleashed is looking to push the game to their next platform, the PC since originally launching on the Xbox. The game is set to get a whole load of improvements before the next closed beta test, but if you want to know how the tests are going, check out our Bless Unleashed Impressions article by the incomparable Emily Byrnes.


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