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Bless Unleashed Guild Feature Improvements Aiming for July

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Guild changes are coming to Bless Unleashed as announced earlier by the team in a news post.

The team acknowledged that current guild support isn’t enough, and they want to do more for the players. To that end, they’re targeting July as the first release of major guild improvements. First off, a guild experience system is on the list. The team cites a sense of community for its inclusion.

To that end, the post discusses a guild progression system to be added as well. This includes rewards like increased membership cap, gold, guild storage, and more. Guild achievements was also mentioned. Finally, guild v guild competition was touched on. However, plans for this last one aren’t available to share right now as it sounds like it’s being fleshed out. Some ideas were thrown around,

“Perhaps guilds should be able to raid one another’s estates for rewards. Maybe it’s special PvP maps and queues, or a simple leaderboard showing the guild which has earned the most experience or completed a certain objective faster than any other. We’re brainstorming right now, and if you have any thoughts on the matter, we’d love to hear them!”

If you have ideas, share them to @blessunleashed or their subreddit.


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