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Bless Unleashed FAQ Drills Into Common Questions Stemming From Its Announcement

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Today's announcement by Bandai Namco about its first-ever console-only MMO, Bless Unleashed, has spurred a lot of questions about whether or not this is a port of Bless Online to XBox One (it's not...) and others. The Bless Online site has been updated with a new FAQ to provide answers to the most common questions that illustrate the differences between the two and what the development of Bless Unleashed means to the future of Bless Online.

Q: Will development be focused on the console version now?

A: No, the console version will not take any focus away from the Steam version. Our focus is still committed to bringing Steam players the best experience possible for the foreseeable future. There are two completely different dev teams making these games. One is handling Bless Online, the other is handling Bless Unleashed.

Q: Why would this game be made if Bless Online on Steam is still a priority? Does this mean the PC version is now less important?

A: Bless Unleashed is being developed by a completely different team, Round 8 Studio. They are a subsidiary of Neowiz. We also have separate publishing units that focus on each Bless Unleashed (console) and Bless Online (PC). Specifically, Bandai Namco Entertainment America is the publishing partner for Bless Unleashed, while Neowiz Bless Studio self-publishes Bless Online through multiple teams across the world. Bless Online on Steam will be still a priority for their own dedicated team.

The FAQ also deals with how management of the two games will be accomplished; how the console version will differ in Early Access from Bless Online; whether or not Bless Online & Bless Unleashed will be released at the same time; and what the differences are between the two.

Check it out on the Bless Online site.


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