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Bless Unleashed Extends Double Dungeon Chest Drops

February 9

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Double Dungeon chest drops for Bless Unleashed has been extended, giving you more time to take advantage of more loot.

The team announced the extension earlier on Twitter, noting this event would be extended until February 9,

“If you're still seeing Double Dungeon Chest Drops, rest easy! We've extended the event until February 9!”

This follows the lowering of level requirements for certain dungeons including:

  • Kobold Lair - Infernal Kitchen ( 20 -> 17 )
  • Savantis Mausoleum - Altar of Blood ( 29 -> 26 )
  • Dreamscale Ruins - Sundered Sanctuary ( 30 -> 28 )
  • Rutus Mines - Halls of the Dead ( 30 -> 29

In recent news, a Spring Update is on the way bringing new story quests and several changes to the dungeon system, in addition to fishing. Additionally, the second closed PC test concluded earlier this month, running from January 14 through January 18.


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