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Bless Unleashed Deep Dives Into PvP Combat

Poorna Shankar Updated: Posted:
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The Bless Unleashed team shared a deep dive of feedback from PvP earlier with some notable changes.

First came several observations they had while watching player streams, including:

  • Some players took advantage of open world PvP and killed others while they were resting at Soul Pyres.
  • Other players attacked much weaker opponents in lower level zones.
  • Known Player Killers weren’t visible enough for some people.
  • There was not enough avenues for consensual PvP outside of open world PvP.

To address these, the team announced a few changes. First up, expanded safe zones are coming to Lumios to include all areas of progression up to the Gnoll Wastes. From now on, major cities and big towns in every zone will be treated as a safe zone.

Players who gain bad karma from killing others will now see their names turning more and more red, eventually with an icon indicating their status hovering over their head. This is to help other players better identify them.

Sticking with bad karma, such players may eventually may no longer be welcome in certain towns,

“Players who are killed will lose some of the karma they have accumulated. Players who choose to continue down the path of player killing may also be able to find rewards, assuming they can overcome the obstacles of all those who choose to follow a more righteous path.”

Finally, the team indicated that the union system will be available at launch, but they’re not ready to share full details at this time. You can read the full update here.


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