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Bless Unleashed Closed Beta Update Brings Visual Improvements

Prettier lighting and more

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Bless Unleashed Closed Beta 2 is set to receive improvements in visuals, lighting, and more.

First, the team have heard the community and are adding camera zoom via a mouse wheel. However, this will not be included in the this CBT2 update, rather, will be included in the game for launch. The CBT2 update sees improvements in lighting with tessellation added. Lighting sees improved global illumination which results in more realistic lighting.

Additionally, the dream dungeon tutorial has seen a revamp of sorts with a reduced difficulty to help new players. The tutorial has also improved with additional guides for moving, switching views, and more,

“However, we decided that the current tutorial may not be informative enough for users who are experiencing Bless Unleashed PC, so we lowered the difficulty of the tutorial and strengthened the tutorial through adding various guides such as moving, switching views, jumping, aiming, and using items. Learn about the gameplay of Bless Unleashed PC faster through detailed guidance in the Dream Dungeon Tutorial!”

You can check out more here.


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